Massage by Amber
A touch above the rest because you deserve the best!


Welcome to Massage by Amber!


If you have pain, stress, anxiety, or headaches and are tired of trying every treatment out there without having positive results you need to try Massage by Amber! These massages are not your typical fluffy indulgences, but rather a powerful ally to be included in your regular health care regimen.  Services are competitively priced with no contracts required and the ambiance is both soothing and harmonious - a touch of heaven nestled in the 4 corners.

If you've ever felt like cookie-cutter massages aren't for you and you'd like a customized therapy session to meet your individual needs you are in the right place!  I will work with you and ask questions to formulate a therapeutic game plan that will be both relaxing and rejuvenating.  See for yourself why I book out around a month in advance and take the first step towards a better tomorrow and schedule an appointment today!


Amber VanHoutan, CKTP, LMT #6288