Massage by Amber
A touch above the rest because you deserve the best!


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  1. "I had an incredible experience. Best massage I have ever had anywhere. I am sure you worked many knots out of my muscles. I  told my daughter I even felt taller afterward! :-) Thank you for your professionalism and kind demeanor." ~Karen J~
  2. "Massage by Amber is 5 star resort calibre.  A true hidden gem for Farmington.  Amber's impression is professional and very relaxing.  Cheers!  ~David~
  3. "I was having trouble with my calf for months and made an appointment with Amber to get some work done on it.  She sat down with me and discussed the problems I was having to decide what the best form of massage was.  Her room had a calming atmosphere and her pressure was perfect.  During the massage she did deep tissue massage and by the end of the massage most of my knots were worked out!  My leg feels amazing and I will continue to go back to Amber!  Very very very satisfied."  ~Ryan~
  4. "Amber's strength and in-depth knowledge, combined with a highly-developed intuitive sense allows her to provide outstanding massage therapy.  Amber is extremely stong and talented and most importantly, takes care of you as a whole person.  As an athlete who truly appreciates the benefits of massage, I highly recommend Amber!"  ~Reggie~
  5. "I had my first massage from Amber over 3 weeks ago, I am still reaping the benefits.  I have herniated discs in my neck, due to this I have suffered with neck pain for the past 5 years.  Amber has been able to release the trigger points resulting in my neck feeling almost new! I will be back."  ~Mike~
  6. "I'd never had a massage before & frankly was a little nervous.  Amber TOTALLY put me at ease.  Thank you!"  ~Luke~
  7. "Good massage.  Amber has some excellent moves-strokes.  Good, solid pressure.  She would be great after an exercise work out!"  ~Kelly~
  8. "Amber thank you!  Just what I needed.  Very relaxing.  Thanks for listening to my needs!"  ~Rachel~
  9. "Excellent work!  Very accomadative to my specialized suggestions.  Good deep work & thoughtful appropriate discussion. Thank you!"  ~Saun~
  10. "Great attention to detail.  You really have a talent for massage therapy!"  ~Jon~
  11. "Thank you Amber for remembering those of us who must live within a budget by creating monthly specials.  I have been able to afford a recurring session with you and I can definitely say that the chronic pain I felt in my upper back and shoulders from keyboarding at work is no longer an issue.  You know just where the toxins have built up in my muscles and expertly work them out.  Thank you again for a quality service and blissful experience!"  ~Lisa~
  12. "Amber was flexible in her approach and adapted the massage to meet my unique needs. . .so much so, that it is approaching my "perfect massage!"  I'm addicted.  Perhaps less important to others, but impressive to me is her professionalism.  From the on-line scheduling, to her record keeping, to her approach on the massage table, Amber is first class."  ~George~
  13. "Amber does an amazing job!  She also keeps her prices very reasonable.  I paid over $150 for a massage at a resort in Hawaii and was no where near as satisfied as I was after a session with Amber!" ~Caiti~
  14. "Massage always seemed like a luxury to me.  After visiting Amber, it is now part of a regular wellness routine.  She is so skilled and the ambiance is total relaxation.  Her prices are reasonable and her presence is wonderful."  ~Deanna~